Alyssa ‘Lolita’ St. James, star of The Bachelor, is moving to Las Vegas

The Bachelor star Lola St. Louis is moving from the desert to Las Veges to become the city’s first Latino-American police officer.

The 30-year-old star, who also stars on the NBC reality series The Voice, was spotted in the city Friday in a pair of pants that would make most men proud.

The actress, who previously made headlines for her controversial remarks on the role of Black character Rachel Dolezal, posted a video to Instagram, saying she had booked a hotel room for Thursday night.

The video was removed after Lola took to Instagram on Friday to announce her move to Las Vegas.

“I am so excited to move to a beautiful new home in Las Vegas,” Lola wrote.

“Las Vegas is a beautiful place.

I’m looking forward to living there.”

St. Louis has been a fixture on the show since its premiere in 2006, where she appeared alongside her sister Lacey on The Bachelor.

The sister of a popular American Idol contestant appeared on The Voice in 2013.