Aspen car rentals to be offered at local businesses,

Aspen, CA (AP) Aspen City Councilwoman Julie DeGroot is pushing for local businesses to offer car rental options at their properties.

The city’s councilwoman says Aspen residents have complained for months about the rental company, but she thinks the councilwoman and other elected officials can take action to fix the problem.

DeGroot says Aspens community is looking for alternatives to renting cars.

Aspen’s community center is full of people in their 40s and 50s, who rent cars for a living.

De Groot says many of them are struggling to keep their homes, which they paid for with their taxes.

But the councilmember says if businesses want to offer the option, they should do so.

She says local businesses could offer car rentals as well.

The councilwoman said she plans to meet with the Aspen Chamber of Commerce in an effort to create a local car rental ordinance.