BMW and Audi to launch new luxury car rentals at US mall

BMW and its Audi brand have teamed up with luxury car leasing company Avis to offer a new service at malls around the US.

The BMW iRide car rental service, which will start in April, will offer car rentals in three locations in the US: at the Walmart parking lot in Atlanta, at a gas station near the Lincoln Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, and at the Ford dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It will be offered by the Avis CarRental division of BMW. 

The new service comes as BMW is preparing to launch the new BMW X5 compact crossover in the coming months.

BMW will also launch the X5s sedan in 2019. 

Avis’ flagship service, Avis Rent Car, was launched in Europe in 2010.

The Avis company has over 50,000 cars, vans and SUVs, including the Rolls Royce Tiguan, the Rolls-Royce Range Rover, and the Rolls Rodeo.