How to drive for Uber on Irish roads

Transport Minister Simon Coveney has urged people to ditch their car as Uber becomes more popular.

Mr Coveny said the surge in demand for the popular car rental app was creating “a serious issue” for Irish drivers.

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of people coming to Uber and their demand has increased dramatically,” he said.

“It is not just Irish drivers who are suffering, we have seen more than 80% of drivers in Europe have been affected by this surge.”

So, this has created a serious issue for Irish people.

“The problem is that the people driving are driving in a way that is not conducive to safe and reliable driving, and there is no way to prevent that.”

The Government has also imposed a ban on the sharing of private information on the Uber app, and drivers are being asked to be aware of what data they share with the company.

The company is currently not licensed in Ireland, but the Minister has said he wants to see the app’s licence revoked.

In a statement, Uber said it was “aware of the Minister’s statement” and that it had implemented “significant and effective changes to ensure the safety of our drivers and riders”.

The company said it had “taken measures to ensure that our drivers are not at risk of being targeted by criminals”.

“We are confident that these measures will continue to protect the safety and security of our passengers and employees.”

The Minister also said Uber was “currently in discussions” with the Garda Siochana, with plans to issue an alert if the company continued to operate in Ireland.

Uber has been operating in Ireland since July 2014.

It has been criticised for the lack of safety measures, with the Uber driver community being left to fend for themselves.