How to get the best car rental deal for you and your family

For some people, the idea of paying for a car rental is a nightmare.

“If you can’t afford to pay the full amount,” says John Miller, a certified public accountant and co-founder of the Certified Car Rental Company.

“There’s a big difference between being able to pay and not being able.”

But for those who are willing to put in the effort and make the effort to find a good car rental for the family, it can be worth it.

“It can be more than just the cost of the car,” Miller says.

“A great car rental company will give you a little bit of extra money.

And if you don’t feel like you have the money, they’ll let you keep the car if you like.”

Here are some of the best auto rental car deals you can get.


Car rental company called CarRentalNation offers cars for under $100 a day.

“I know it sounds a little expensive, but it’s not,” says Chris Roper, a senior advisor for

“We’ve got over 200,000 vehicles for sale on the website.

If you look at all the cars that have been advertised, you can find some really good deals.”


Car offers a great deal on the Toyota Camry.

You’ll pay a mere $7.95 a day, plus a $5.95 per day fee.

“That’s a great value,” says Roper.

“But you also get a lot of great features like parking, a lot more than you would pay for a used car.”


A car rental agency in Orange County, CA, called Car Renters, is offering $20 car rentals for $30 per day.

The car rental business is booming.

“In the past few years, Car Rentners has grown to a $200 million business,” says company president Kevin Pritchard.

“They’ve expanded their reach across all kinds of consumer categories.”

“We’re not the cheapest car rental companies in the world, but we do a great job of making sure the car is well maintained and well serviced,” Pritbourne says.


A great car renting company in New York City has a great car deal for under half the price of the average car rental in the US.

“You can find a very good car deal there,” says the company’s vice president of leasing, John McInnis.

“Somebody who’s not a car person will have a great experience with us.

We’re not an auto rental company, but there’s a lot to offer.”

“They’re just doing a great business,” McInnes adds.

“So they’re a very nice company.”


Car Rents, a car rentals business in San Diego, has a $30 auto rental per day rate for the Lincoln MKC.

“The cost of a car is a big part of the equation,” says Prity.

“When we started the business, the cost was between $8 and $12 a day.”

The car is very well maintained, McInns adds.

If the car doesn’t meet your standards, it’s still worth the price.

“For example, if you’re a woman, the car you can rent has a lot less miles on it than a car that has been owned for 30 years,” he says.

6. also offers a $35 car rental per week.

“What you get for the money is a very strong car that’s well maintained,” says McInnys.

“Your vehicle will get a little more miles on the odometer, but you’ll get much better value for money.

They are well served,” he adds. “

Our cars are really well maintained.

They are well served,” he adds.


A well-known car rental service in Boston has a car renting deal of $20 per day for a Toyota Camus.

“Toyota offers a very low-price vehicle for under 50 cents a day,” says Richard Dolan.

8. “

Other companies have lower prices, but Toyota is a really great value.”


A car rental car for $35 a day is a great place to park it.

You get all the features you want, including a carport, an in-dash display, and a power window.

“No matter what you’re looking for, we have the car for you,” says Dolan, who adds that the carrentals are all-wheel drive and the rental car comes with a two-year warranty.


Car has a very affordable car rental rate for a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

“Most people who rent cars think they’re buying a car,” says co-owner James McManus.

Instead, he