How to rent a car in Evansville

Evansville, Ind.

(AP) Cars are now available for rent through a car rental company, but one woman says she is worried about what could happen if she rents her car without a license.

Karen Adams says she drove to her home on Tuesday and was met by a man who told her she would be renting a car for $100.

Adams said she agreed to the rental, which cost her $100 a day.

She said she was later told the man would be driving the car herself.

Adams told WOWT-TV ( that she drove back home after she realized she had driven the car for free.

She drove to the office on Wednesday and told her husband she would call back.

Adams said she and her husband drove to an auto parts store and purchased a car, which they drove to Evansville.

She said she is frustrated she wasn’t able to see the rental company and called the company Wednesday morning to cancel her reservation.WOWT reports the company told Adams that she could have been charged $50 a day for the car rental and a $10 per day fee for the rental car.

Adams called the Evansville Police Department and spoke with an officer.

Adams told the officer that she wanted to cancel the rental because she didn’t want to drive the car alone.

Adams was told the car was being rented by a woman and the driver had no license.

The department is investigating the incident.