How to rent a car in Pensacola

Renting a car is simple, easy and affordable.

Here are the steps to taking your vehicle to your destination and how to pay for your car rental.


Call a car rental company to find out what your rental price is.

If you don’t know what your car is, call a rental company.

You can find a list of car rental companies here.


Book a car for the first time.

Booking a new car can take up to six months.

If it’s too late to book your car now, ask for the rental fee for a month, or until your next rental.


Get the date, time and rental car rental price.

Find the date and time of the next rental with a credit card, check your credit history and compare the rental rate to your credit card.


Check the car is safe to drive and not broken down.

Ask a mechanic if it’s safe to leave the car in the garage and pick up your car.


Find out if the car you’re renting is insured.

If not, check with your insurance company.


Check if your insurance covers the insurance deductible.

If so, pay the deductible.

You may need to pay additional fees.


Check with the dealership about how much you’re getting paid for a new or used car.

Check to see if you can negotiate a lower price.


Pay the rent.

Your credit card will be charged a small monthly fee for your rental, but if you have no credit history, it’s usually a flat rate.


Pay for your vehicle.

You’ll need to book the car on your own.


Pay your gas and insurance bill.

The rental company will bill you monthly.

You should pay the rental for the month the car has been used.


Check for insurance.

If your car has coverage, it will cost you more than the rental.

Check out the terms and conditions on your rental car and ask if there is any exclusions.


Check your credit.

If the car was rented on credit, pay your credit balance on time.

If there is no credit, you’ll need a credit report to confirm the car’s title and ownership.


Make a reservation.

Ask the rental company if you’re interested in booking a car, but you can also ask the rental agency for information on how to get a car at a discounted rate.


Receive the rental car.

If all went well, the car will arrive at your destination in the next two weeks.

You don’t need to get out of your car before then.

It can be your only car rental in Pens, or you can use the car if you want to leave early and take a bus to another destination.


Check in.

Make sure you pay the car rental fee.

You will also need to bring a photo ID to check in. 16.

Get back in the car.

When you get back in your car, take your rental receipt with you to the rental center to get your refund.


Go to your rental center.

You must pay the deposit for your first car rental, which is about $25.

If, for example, you rented a car that was $75, you will pay $75 of that fee.


Check back at the rental station.

If a car was not used, you can try to arrange for another rental.


Check on the car once a week.

If everything is working correctly, the next time you come to check on the vehicle, you should be able to book a new rental for that same car for a cheaper price.

The car rental service will charge you the same amount for the next week.


Check online to make sure you have a credit or debit card with you.

Make note of the number of days your card is active, which will help you get the best rate.