How to rent a car in the New York metro area

Rent a car?

You may have to wait until 2018 to do it.

A law passed in 2016 by New York lawmakers allows drivers who have less than two years of driving experience to rent cars through an agency.

The New York State Automobile Dealers Association says it has seen a significant increase in new clients wanting to rent from the program.

The association said last month that the number of rentals rose 7.3 percent to 1.9 million vehicles.

Renters must have a clean driving record, have a valid New York license, pay a $1 deposit, and agree to keep a $100 monthly deposit.

New York City, Long Island and Nassau County have the most permits available, with nearly 2 million permits issued to New Yorkers and 3.3 million issued to drivers, according to the New Yorker.

A total of 3.5 million licenses have been issued in the U.S. for drivers with fewer than two decades of driving.

A few hundred miles away, in New York’s Long Island City, drivers can get a temporary license to rent.

That’s why the owner of a car rental company in Queens says it’s making the decision to shut down the program because of the expense.

“It’s a very costly program,” said Mark Hurd.

“We are a small business, and there’s just not a lot of money available.”

He said the company was getting a lot more inquiries and complaints about the program than usual, and that the company would not be able to afford to pay the fees.

“I think the cost of it, I think it’s going to be a lot higher,” he said.

Hurd said the rental car program, known as car-sharing, is a good option for people who want to share a vehicle, but who can’t afford the cost.

The program is popular in New Jersey, which also has a car-share program.

However, New York is the only state where the program can be taken advantage of.

There is no state requirement to have more than two months of driving time, which means drivers can rent for as little as a few days.

In New York, rental cars are available for rent through the company called Carpool.

New Yorkers can also rent from car-rental agencies on Craigslist.

In Brooklyn, car-shared cars can be found in a garage near Union Square, or at a parking lot on the Lower East Side.

Some car-stealing rings use a car to ferry victims of domestic violence and other crimes, but that is rare.

“You can find people who are really nice people,” said David Rinaldi, president of the New Yorkers for Responsible Auto Safety, which advocates for safer car ownership.

“But there’s a lot to learn from it.”

Hurd and his co-owner, who he did not identify, have rented cars for about $200 a month since October, when they opened their first car-sharing program.

Rinali said his business has seen its business skyrocket.

“The average time between our first rental and the second rental was less than a day,” he added.

“People have been asking for cars since they were about 12 years old, so we just had to do something.”

Rinald said his company had about 30 clients before the program started.

In an email, the company said its clients have included drivers for rental companies and for private parties.

“If you are a driver or have one, we welcome you to rent the car for your convenience,” the email said.

“For other drivers, we are happy to help.”