How to Rent a Car in the South

TallahasSEE, Ala.

— ┬áCar rental giant Hertz says it’s offering its customers the chance to rent cars in the southern states as the summer sun begins to set and winter comes to a close.

Hertz will begin offering its cars in Alabama and Georgia beginning in the next few weeks, with the cars priced starting at $8 an hour, the company said Thursday.

In the southern United States, Hertz said it will start selling cars to customers as early as June.

Shez’s fleet of rental vehicles is made up of a mix of luxury SUVs, luxury minivans, trucks, sport utility vehicles and utility trucks, the firm said.

It is the second company to offer its cars to South Carolinians.

The company has also offered its vehicles in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, which has seen a heavy influx of cars after a string of cold and snowy winters that have resulted in thousands of lost jobs.

Hertz has a fleet of roughly 5,000 rental vehicles, and more than a dozen of them are being rented to residents of the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

About 70 percent of the company’s revenue comes from the rental of rental cars, the largest segment of the business.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to rent a car in these southern states,” said Hertz President and CEO Mike J. Hahn.

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