Man dies after crashing car rental in Kailua-Kona

A man who was renting a car in the town of Kailau-Koa died after the crash, police said.

The man’s name wasn’t immediately released Friday.

He was 37.

The crash occurred Saturday morning on the 400 block of Kaitaheke Drive, police Sgt. David Maitland said.

A vehicle was heading northbound on Kaitahoe Drive when the driver lost control, Maitlands said.

The driver struck another vehicle and then a pickup truck and an SUV, he said.

There were two people in the pickup truck at the time, Miltis said.

That’s when the crash happened, he added.

The crash is under investigation, Mietlands said, adding that the driver was taken to Kona Regional Hospital.

No one else was injured.

Kailua Police Chief John Rau said the crash was preventable.

He said it’s a “serious collision” because the driver and the pickup had been traveling westbound on the same stretch of road, northbound Kaitakee Drive.

He said he’s hopeful that other drivers will consider following similar procedures.