New car rental app lets you rent cars without the hassle of a lease

New car hire app Uber lets you lease a car without the headaches of a long-term lease deal.

The app lets users rent cars and pay by credit card.

The only requirement is that you can rent the car online.

Uber also lets you book the rental for a specific time, but you have to pay the rent while you’re driving.

The company says the app makes it easier to find a new car when you need one, but not if you’re not a car rental expert.

Uber’s website says that “rentals can only be booked online or in person.

The car can be booked up to 24 hours prior to the rental, with the option to cancel at any time.”

But this app is a bit of a mess.

The service is a little dated, and the rental process is unclear.

Here’s how the app works: Users can rent cars using credit card or PayPal.

Once they arrive at a rental location, the app automatically charges them the rental fee, which Uber says is based on the car’s estimated value.

For instance, the cheapest Uber can offer would be $2,500.

Uber can then refund the fee to you within 24 hours, but the app says that you should wait for the refund before calling back.

When you call back, the driver has to fill out a reservation request form and provide all the information required by the app.

You can also cancel at anytime by using a credit card, Uber says.

The app charges $10 for a one-way rental, but there’s no minimum rental price.

When you cancel the car, you can pick up the vehicle from the rental location.

You’ll also be charged for the next rental of the same car.

When I called Uber to cancel the rental of my car, the company told me that the driver had just picked up a car from a rental shop in the parking lot of a nearby gas station.

When I asked Uber why it took so long to cancel a rental, the Uber rep said that it was because the car was still being inspected and had been registered in the name of the owner.

Uber told me the service is currently working on a new feature that allows users to book and cancel cars.

The company is also working on new car rental options that would allow users to rent cars from a garage, rather than renting a car outright from an app.

Uber says the new feature will launch this year.