The biggest car rental agencies in London, Barcelona, and New York are offering to help with a new competition

Flagstaff, Arizona – A new competition is taking place in Flagstaff.

The Flagstaff Parking and Transportation Commission wants to see if you can drive from the airport to downtown Flagstaff and back.

The commission is looking for people who have a car or have a business that wants to park on the city’s streets.

The competition, called Drive Across, aims to find drivers who can provide an alternative to driving to and from work, and provide a ride for a low price.

The idea is to create a better car rental experience for people on the go.

“We want to find the next generation of drivers, so we want to see the new drivers who are interested in taking a taxi,” said Flagstaff City Manager Matt Cram.

Cram says there’s already a lot of competition in Flagstons car rental market.

The average daily rental is $300, but they do have some competition.

They rent out their cars at night, which is a bit of a rarity in the city.

The other main competition is the “downtown car rental” service, where you rent a car in a hotel parking lot.

Criminals have taken advantage of that to target customers and steal cars, Cram said.

“There are some guys that are doing it on purpose,” he said.

“They are looking to steal vehicles and take them to other places where they can get more money.”

Cram said he’s heard complaints from the community that people don’t know how to park in the parking lots.

He’s heard people saying that if they’re not careful, they’ll end up with a citation.

“It’s the same thing as being hit by a bus,” he told ABC News.

“The only difference is that they’re going to have a citation.”

Crimestoppers can help you pay the parking ticket, but there’s a catch: if you’re not from Flagstaff you can’t be a part of the competition.

“You can’t participate in this,” Cram added.

“You have to be a resident of Flagstaff.”

You can find more information on the commission’s website.