‘The next step’ for homeless people in North Carolina

By MARGARET M. CARPENTER, Associated PressA homeless man sleeps in a tent on the street in North Charleston, S.C. as part of a community shelter expansion in July.

About 60 people will be relocated from shelters in nearby Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in the next few months, and the shelter is expected to open in the fall.

(Photo: Robert Allen, AP)By MARK FENLICH, Associated StatesmanAssociated PressA man walks past a tent in a homeless encampment in the middle of downtown Portland, Ore.

The homeless camped out for months before being relocated to the city’s main shopping and entertainment district after the city was forced to cut off services.

The move is part of city leaders efforts to build a homeless community that has been largely abandoned in the state for years.

The city also will begin construction of a new homeless encampments to help homeless people move into public housing and other supportive housing programs.

(Read more: Portland’s homeless campers move to new home, homeless advocates call for more)By RICK LYON, Associated JournalPosted March 23, 2018 12:10:23By MARK FRANCOIS, Associated PostBy CHRISTIAN FRANK, Associated AmericanStatesman JournalistBy RICHARD ROSSMAN, Associated PRESSA homeless woman sleeps in the tent on a sidewalk near a makeshift camp in the center of downtown Washington, D.C., as part to a community tent expansion in August.

About 40 people will relocate from shelters near the nation’s capital and New York, in North and South Carolina in the coming months and the camp will open in September.

(Image: AP)A homeless person walks past the tents at a makeshift encampment on the sidewalk near an improvised camp in Washington,D.

C, in August as part a community housing expansion in September, March 23.

About 50 people will move from shelters across the nation to a new shelter, where they will live in a public housing project for homeless families.

(File photo: Kevin Lamarque, APFile photo)By JIM JOHNSON, The Associated PressBy DAVID GREENE, AssociatedPressA homeless camp on the outskirts of downtown Seattle, Wash., as a part of the citywide tent expansion project in September is expected soon to open.

About 80 people will remain at a tent camp along the citys southern border in Tacoma, Washington.

The tent camp will provide shelter for about 150 people who are currently living on the streets, sleeping on sidewalks and under bridges.

The community is expected at least for a short period of time to be a source of income for people who have been homeless for a year or more, said Seattle city spokeswoman Kelly Wollenberg.

(More: Seattle city shelters to move homeless people into public-housing project)The city’s public housing program is facing a huge influx of people, particularly younger people, who have little support from the city government, according to a homeless advocate who requested anonymity.

About 20,000 homeless people are expected to arrive in the city each year, Wollenburg said.

The homeless camp is just the latest of several projects to be completed over the past year to build homeless-friendly housing in Seattle, a city of about 13.4 million that’s the nation ‘s most populous city.

The expansion projects include building about 6,500 housing units and shelters for homeless residents, as well as the construction of more than 200 public housing units.

In addition, a homeless-support program is set to begin this summer and a homeless shelter is to open this fall in an industrial park north of downtown.

The state is also planning to add a new kind of homeless shelter to help more homeless people live more safely in public housing, including a large, temporary shelter in the Seattle neighborhood of Pioneer Square.