The real story of the car rental controversy in Tulsa

TULSA — The real question remains: How much did the city’s car rental business suffer from the scandal?

The city’s transportation department says it hasn’t had a clue for years about what went wrong, and that’s why it’s now seeking to recover more than $4 million in insurance premiums and other losses.

But in an open letter this week to Mayor Greg Stanton, the city attorney’s office said that it was never intended to be the vehicle for a full accounting of the scandal.

“Our goal has been to assist with any and all possible litigation, but to date, we have not had access to the documents required to determine the actual loss incurred and recover any actual losses,” the letter reads.

The letter also points out that the city never received an official estimate of the amount of lost property.

The city attorney has told the City Council that he expects the cost of covering the costs will be about $3 million.

The car rental industry is still reeling from the controversy.

A few days after the scandal broke, an attorney representing a client who had lost his car in the parking lot of a local auto parts store testified that the company was told by the city to cover its losses.

The city did not disclose the loss until later, and did not inform the client, according to the attorney, who asked not to be named because the case was ongoing.

Another lawyer who represented a customer who lost his rental car in a parking lot testified at the hearing that the insurer didn’t have a way to tell when the car was damaged, and didn’t disclose any losses until months later.

The issue remains unresolved.

The investigation is ongoing.

Tulsa City Attorney John Morgan Jr. told The Associated Press that the agency had no idea about the potential loss until after the insurance company started paying the company to investigate.

He said he didn’t know how much the city was going to recover.TULSA CITY — The city attorney says it was supposed to be an accounting, not a full report.

The attorney’s letter comes after Tulsas transportation department said in a statement that the department had never seen any financial documentation of the insurance loss.TSA has a limited liability company that covers the city for its insurance and that has never had any reports from a financial analysis.

Morgan said the city didn’t notify the insurance department until months after the loss.

He would not comment on whether the insurance agency had requested copies of those reports.

A spokesman for the city told The AP that Tulsamans insurance company is the one that issued the policy to the city.

He declined to comment on the letter.TUCSON — The owner of a Tulsawas parking lot says he’s still in limbo as the city tries to figure out how much he owes and how much his rental cars might have cost.

David Saldaña, a longtime car rental agent, says he was one of the first people to call his insurance company about the car insurance problem.

He had never heard of the controversy and didn�t know that TUCSONS insurance agency would be responsible for his business.

He said he believes that when the city did notify TUNS and told them that they lost money on the car rentals, the insurance companies had no way to know if it was the insurance or not.

He�s still trying to figure that out.

The department said it is trying to determine whether the city�s insurance company was responsible for the insurance losses.