This car rental company’s car can get towed by a shark

This car is pretty much perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much money, or who don’s a bit worried about getting towed by sharks.

The rental car company in Jacksonville, Florida, can get the car towed if a shark approaches, according to a post on the company’s Facebook page.

The company’s post is titled “Please don’t tow this car if you are going to get a shark on your tail,” and it’s accompanied by a picture of the car.

The shark has the option to tow the car, but it’s not an option for people with small children.

The post has over 4,300 likes and nearly 1,400 shares, so it’s unlikely it’ll go viral.

The Shark Towing Coalition is an organization that helps people avoid shark bites, but the Shark Tearing Coalition doesn’t have much experience with car rental companies.

Its post says, “Our experience is limited and it was not until this month that we encountered the issue that led to our conclusion that this company was a scam.”

We reached out to Shark Tagging, the company that the company says has handled over 100,000 car rental scams, but we haven’t heard back from them.

However, it does have some other positive reviews on its Facebook page, including one that said, “We have dealt with more than 1,500 car rentals scams in the past year.”

If you are concerned about getting a shark off your car, check out these tips from The Verge.


Be sure you know what to look for when looking for a rental car.

Some rental car companies will advertise their car rental services through a photo that shows the car in a certain way, which will help prospective renters avoid scammers.

Another popular photo-sharing app is Instagram.

You can also look for cars that advertise their rental services by looking for cars in specific neighborhoods.

If you’re not familiar with the area, check with a car rental agent or car rental broker to see if they offer services near your home or business.


Check the car’s GPS tracking device.

If the rental company says the car can be towed by the shark, but you haven’t checked, it could be because the car doesn’t track its location in real time.

If it does track its position, you’ll need to contact the company and let them know you’re interested in getting the car removed.


Find a carpool.

If someone you know is interested in renting a car, find a pool of people who can share the car and drive it around.

You may be able to arrange to rent the car from someone you trust.

This way, you won’t have to worry about a shark trying to get the keys.


Ask to see the rental contract.

Many rental companies will send you a confirmation email or a text message asking you to verify the car is registered to the company.

This will give you the opportunity to let the company know you want to rent it, and it’ll let them give you a copy of the contract.

If your lease includes a provision that says the rental will be shared, ask to see this contract, and if it doesn’t include this provision, check the lease with the company, and make sure it says you’re free to rent.


Ask the company to help you cancel the rental.

If a company doesn’t seem to be able or willing to help, you might want to reach out to them and let the rental agreement and rental contract terms specify that you can cancel the car if the shark comes near.

For instance, if you signed up for a car-sharing service, you may want to say, “I want to cancel my rental, but I’m not sure what I’m signing up for.”

This is a good opportunity to remind the company about your concern about getting scammed.

The next time you get a rental offer from a rental company, try to negotiate the price of the rental with the rental agent and the car company.

If there’s no deal, it’s a good idea to go through with the car rental.


If that doesn’t work, ask the company for help.

If an unscrupulous rental company has taken advantage of you, there are a few things you can do.

If Shark Tailing isn’t able to help or doesn’t want you to rent a car with the shark in it, it may want you call the company directly to get its help.

You could ask for a call from the company or to schedule a meeting.

Alternatively, you could ask a friend to take you out to the rental site and take pictures of the shark on the property.

You should do this in a quiet area away from the rental car, so the shark doesn’t get distracted by the people in the photos.


Get the Shark Trap to make sure you don’t get scammed again.

You might have already checked with Shark Taming, the Shark Racing Association of America, or a rental agency. If