What to expect from the 2017 NFL draft: Where do Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, Miami and Indianapolis stand?

A week after the draft, the biggest names still waiting in the wings to be dealt are the top five picks in this year’s draft.

But the draft order itself is changing, with the teams that won’t be dealing down their top four picks moving to the front of the pack and potentially moving to be higher.

So who is on the rise, and who is headed down?

Here’s a look at the five teams who are poised to get the best deals this year.AFC WestThe Broncos are one of the top teams on the board, and are likely to land two of the four top picks.

If they land one, the team is likely to get a cornerback.

If Denver doesn’t, the Texans are expected to trade down, and the 49ers could get one of their picks, too.

But if they don’t, Houston could get a quarterback, or possibly a wide receiver.

The Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders could all be on the cusp of landing a player, but the Broncos and Chiefs have the edge.

The Texans have the worst odds, but if they do land a player and the Texans decide to trade up, the Raiders could be the favorite.

Oakland’s pick would likely go to Denver, but it’s possible the Raiders trade down for their pick, too, so the Broncos’ pick would still be on their board.

The Chiefs are a team that has to move up for their quarterback, and they are likely the team that could land the player who will likely be the team’s franchise quarterback.

They could be able to land a quarterback for less than $5 million.

The Raiders would be the only team that would be able of landing him for more than that, though, which would give them an advantage.

But, it could be difficult to land him at a price lower than the Broncos are willing to pay.

The Chargers would probably be the most attractive of the teams to land their quarterback.

If the team lands one of these guys, it would be hard for them to trade back.

But a team like the Chiefs could be willing to take on his $5-million contract, which is what he’s being paid.

If he’s still on the market, it will be a trade for him, but they would have to give up a lot of picks to get him.

If not, the Chiefs would likely be able get him for less, and it could take them to the top of the draft.

The Jets could land a QB in the fourth round, or could land him for the second-round pick.

But they’d need to give the Texans a lot more picks to do it, and Houston has the edge there.

The Texans have a lot to be concerned about.

They have a quarterback they don