Which is more profitable: Lyft or Amazon?

It’s a question you can ask yourself when choosing which service you would rather pay for.

Lyft’s car rental service, for example, makes $1.60 per minute to rent a car for 30 minutes.

And while it’s not a particularly cheap service, its drivers are very skilled and know how to properly care for your car.

But Amazon’s car rentals are more expensive than Lyft’s.

For example, a ride on Amazon’s app costs $6.95 for a standard car rental.

That’s up to $100 more than Lyft.

If you have an extra $100, you can pay for an Uber ride to pick up the car.

Uber’s drivers are skilled, but not as good as Lyft’s drivers.

And even if you can afford to pay more, there are many other ways to save money, especially if you’re not in a rush to get the car you need.

Amazon’s transportation apps include UberPool and Zipcar.

These companies provide convenient rides to and from home.

UberPool lets you share your UberPool ride with a friend or family member and the app also allows you to add the driver to your Uber account.

Zipcar also allows people to hire cars through their smartphone app.

You can also save money by taking Uber for a week or two.

The company offers a week-long ride for just $10, which is cheaper than Lyft or Uber.