Why are we so afraid of cars?

The fear is real: There are no cars in California.

The fear was created by Gov.

Jerry Brown’s (D) order on Friday to limit vehicle miles traveled.

The governor and lawmakers want to reduce traffic congestion in the state.

They are also trying to make California more of a car-friendly state, and this is just one of the ways to do that.

The state has seen a drop in car accidents.

But it has not seen a decrease in fatalities.

And the number of people killed or seriously injured on California roads remains high.

California is among the safest states in the nation.

But the state is not perfect.

There are serious safety issues.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic fatalities rose more than 30% between 2012 and 2017.

And that’s despite the fact that California is now home to more than 2.6 million cars.

The real reason to fear cars is that we’re not even sure how many cars there are.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics says California is home to about 930,000 cars, but that’s a rough estimate.

A study by the National Association of City Transportation Officials says California has fewer than 500,000 vehicles.

And many of those cars are not moving.

The study estimates that as many as a quarter of California’s car traffic is diverted to nearby airports, so that drivers are less likely to get to work.

And a study by California Department of Transportation says the state has just one airport with enough seats for 2,000 passengers.

California’s transportation system is so bad that it’s not even clear that California has enough buses.

It’s not clear how many buses California needs.

A lot of California voters are worried about how the state will be able to fund the roads and bridges that will keep them safe, and the transportation system in California is so inefficient that it can’t even get buses to where the cars are coming from.

The people who run the state are afraid.

They’re afraid that they will be unable to pay for the roads, and they are afraid that people will be afraid.

And they are scared that the people will start to think that they can’t trust the people in charge of their roads, the way they used to trust the governors of New York and California, and governors of other states, and so forth.

And so the fear is there.

There is a lot of fear in California, as there is everywhere else in the United States, but California has had a really bad winter.

The snow has been heavy, the temperatures have been cold, and California has not had a good winter.

And when California does have a good cold winter, it’s usually the summer months, when people are in their homes, or vacationing, and their kids are at school.

The winter has been especially bad in California because of the lack of snow.

But this is California.

This is where we all come from, and that’s where we’ve been for thousands of years.

And we’ve all got our own little secrets, our own fears.

I’ve been to Hawaii, and I’m really glad to be back.

But there’s still a lot to be afraid of.

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