Why did you pay $15 a day for a rental car?

An Ohio car rental company says the state’s minimum wage will go up this year to $15 per hour from $10.25.

The wage increase was approved by the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday and signed by Gov.

John Kasich.

The wage increase will take effect March 1, 2019, and go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

The law also requires the Ohio Department of Labor and Industry to create a statewide minimum wage index for workers in every county.

State Rep. Robert Gifford, R-Wyoming, was among the legislators who voted against the wage increase.

He said the state should be considering all workers.

“I’m not asking for a $15 wage, I’m asking for fair wages,” Giffords said.

“It’s time to move forward and have an increase that goes well beyond the $10 minimum wage.”

He said it’s a step in the right direction but said there needs to be a better system in place.

“We have to have a system that provides benefits, that provides opportunities for our people to earn that wage that they need to earn and have a living wage,” Giffs said.